About Us

About US

Rapid Advice and Distribution Service aspires to be a one-stop-solution for all kinds of safety concerns for all kinds of customers, be it industrial, commercial, residential or hazardous storage facilities. Our services are mainly focused on fire safety consultancy, maintenance and installation of fire safety systems, however we have already initiated the process of expanding to further sectors such as electrical and structural safety. As a company we aim to provide integrated and streamlined engineering solutions and ensure our customers have a clear understanding of our services, we strive to establish clear communication between us and our customers. RADS may be a young company but the people behind RADS don’t lack experience or technical capability, you will not regret working with us!

Initially, since 2011 RADS operated as a sub section of our trading company, Canvas and Creation. However, we soon realized that RADS has much higher potential than previously expected and hence, decided to pursue our safety endeavors through RADS as a separate business entity altogether. We are proud to announce that from 2019 RADS has become a registered individual business entity in safety sector and now has its independent management and business structure which will help RADS flourish.

We take pride in our team leader who has been trained by a NFPA trainer for NFPA 13, NFPA 72 & NFPA 20. Our team has deep knowledge about NFPA 3, 13, 14, 20, 22, 24, 25, 70, 72, 101 & 170 standards which are followed by ACCORD, Alliance, Nirapon, Bangladesh Fire Brigade & BNBC.

Our Mission
Our mission is to provide the highest quality services at the best possible prices. We want to help minimize the risk associated with fire hazards and ensure maximum safety for workers at the workplace, all while protecting our customer’s investments and their interests. We aim to take advantage of our youth and be in the forefront of innovation, constantly changing and adapting to newer technologies to provide the best possible service. Our ambition is to provide individualized solutions to our customers in order to best suit their financial and working conditions. We never compromise on quality and safety.

Our Vision
Sticking to our principles and setting the benchmark for fire safety in our country. Paving the way to a future where no life is endangered due negligence, economic constraints or lack of accessibility to proper services. We want to create a safe working environment and provide a platform for people to be able to concentrate on doing their best at work without not constantly worry about the possible risks, leading to a more prosperous and happy society. 

Our Values
A company without values is like a door without hinges- both are dysfunctional. Our success is contingent upon a distinct set of values which are evident throughout all our diverse business activities. We pledge to never compromise with our quality and efforts. Being passionate about our field of work was never a doubt and hence we realize our most important responsibility is to provide utmost dedication towards each and every challenging endeavor we undertake. We are aware that our job is not a typical job, the lives of people may depend on how well we do our job. We also intend to work through sustainable business practices because we know our world has finite resources, we want to provide sustainable solutions without compromising on quality or safety. We do and always will stick strictly to our values because we understand that any negligence on our part can result in the loss of life of someone else.