Cooper Central Fire Detection System Control Panel ULCF3000

৳ 250,000.00৳ 300,000.00


Cooper Central Fire Detection System Control Panel ULCF3000

৳ 250,000.00৳ 300,000.00


The Cooper ULCF3000 is a high specification intelligent addressablewall or rack mountedUL Listed fire system available in various loop configurations. It combines sophisticated functionality with simple operation and aesthetically pleasing design.



The control panel has the ability to support complex cause and effect programming and a wide range of user controllable functions make the system ideal for a diverse range of projects from industrial applications through to large multi site commercial developments.

The ULCF3000 uses soft addressing to minimise installation time and remove the potential for error associated with manual addressing.

Each of the system components have been specifically designed to operate as part of a ULCF3000 UL Listed system providing assurance that the panel, the detectors, the interfaces and the ancillaries are all fully compatible with each other and that the full range of system functionality is supported by each device.


  • Touchscreen Display
  • 2 or 4 Class A Style 7 SLC loops
  • Event History Buffer (9,999 events) with Date/Time stamp
  • 4 Notification appliance circuits (NAC’s) outputs
  • 3 programmable general purpose relays
  • Dedicated alarm and trouble relays
  • Short circuit isolators incorporated into each loop
  • Up to 200 addresses per loop
  • Fully monitored network cable up to 126 panels
  • Optional integral printer
  • Alarm Verification
  • PAS (Positive Alarm Sequenc
  • Pre-Signal per Point (NFPA 70, 72 compliant)
  • Remote Alarm, NAC silenced, Alarm Reset, Trouble, Supervisory and drill via addressable module


  • Supports a comprehensive range of soft addressing modules and devices for greater flexibility in design
  • Menu driven graphical user interface for ease of operation
  • Reduced commissioning time through soft addressing and auto learn functions
  • Programming and trouble-shooting time minimised by using a range of features such as auto config, walk test, system details, analogue values, etc


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